I’m tired of websites with vague brands featuring funny and not-so-funny videos headlined by a small group of big name comics.  It’s become a trend, and it’s definitely not what this market needs. 

The latest is a site called MyBlueCollar.com, not to be confused with MyDamnChannel.com, headlined by Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and the comic known as Larry the Cable Guy, Dan Whitney. Interestingly, this site is funded by the same people that funded FunnyOrDie.  It does have some funny videos, like this one…

Unfortunately, the model doesn’t work.  As FunnyOrDie has seen, numbers drop off quickly without consistent contribution from the stars that drive the mega hits. 


MyDamnChannel has done a good job of differentiating itself by becoming a “stuido” that creates many original series, but its vague brand and home, in my opinion, hinders the value of its inspired content, which is why its frustrating to see another group of comics repeat the mistake.  What Hollywood stars migrating to the internet ought to consider are startups like NextNewNetworks and ForYourImagination which build loyal audiences around micro channels or series. 

Or, take, for example, the wildly successful Clark and Michael (Tilzy.TV Page) which built a brand, community and website around a simple show….

In an age with infinite flexibility, the network model of old doesn’t cut it.  Instead, brands should be built around series or narrow verticals that will attract loyal audiences. 

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