JETSET (Tilzy.TV Page), the internet pop culture show that began in June 2006 and has since seen millions of views, just changed it’s name to Epic Fu.  Yes, Epic Fu.  Don’t know what that means?  Let the fearless host Zadi explain…

Still confused?  The show explores the new pop culture and the people empowered by democratized media.  “And that is an Epic Fuck You to the establishment in all the best and most meaningful ways,” said Steve Woolf, co-creator, on the Smashface corporate blog, citing Next New Networks co-founder Fred Seibert as the inspiration.  ###

But why the change?  After all, JETSET was a pretty memorable brand name, at least in my mind.  Well, Smashface Productions has “big, big plans for the show, and the term ‘jet set’ is everywhere.”  They needed something more distinctive, more original that described their specific brand of content.  “If I had a nickel for every time we were asked if JETSET was a travel show, I’d have a shitload of nickels.” also from the corporate blog.

Plus, Epic Fu definitely feels more like the show.  I can see it slipping out during one of those signature character-breaks between the famous snaps…one of those suddenly self-reflective moments when Zadi wakes up to what she’s saying.  (I love that they keep those.)

This fan’s comment seems to be the consensus: “Nothing much to add but F-YEAH!”

I have to say, I liked the name JETSET, and I’m generally wary of name-changes, but this shift will only serve to energize an exploding community.  Steve and Zadi, who are also responsible for the annual independent video festival Pixelodeon, are prominent figures in the world of online media and seem to have their fingers on the pulse of the community.

All our best to Zadi, Steve, Smashface and Epic Fu.  We’re eagerly awaiting future projects.

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