In the classic flick, Revenge of the Nerds, there’s a scene where the geeky and incongruous Lamda Lamda Lamda’s realize they’ve been stood up by the smokin’ hot sorority sisters of Pi Delta Pi. In a desperate attempt to salvage the party, they call upon the heftier girls of Omega Mu to populate their christening frat house. Once inside, before the ice has broken, the two Greek bodies face each other awkwardly from opposite sides of the room while the Gleaming Spires “Sex Girls” calmly blasts from the speakers.

It’s an awesome song that screams 80’s disco-pop for which no official music video exists. Luckily, the LA-based comedy trio, Invisible Engine (Tilzy.TV page) made one.


It’s a near-perfect interpretation of any heterosexual male’s fantasy intercut with the would be Gleaming Spires donning appropriately shiny vests and absurd eyewear and an enticing slow-mo clip of Nontourage’s (Tilzy.TV page) Sarah Atwood doing her best Phoebe Cates from Fast Times impression. After one viewing it’s apparent that Invisible Engine knows their straight-up humor, but watching their latest mini-series Gay Friday TV, it’s clear their comedy can swing both ways. ###

Broken down into 13 micro installments (you can watch the whole series in less than 10 minutes), you see the sexual evolution of Jason Voorhees – from confused and closeted serial killer, to sexually experimental serial killer, to sexually liberated serial killer – and a few bloody killings along the way.

Chris Cantwell of Invisible Engine, the “brains” behind Gay Friday TV , and a self-proclaimed Friday the 13th obsessive, told me via e-mail how he conceived of the series. “I was sitting at my desk one night and I thought, ‘What if Jason was Gay?’”  And what horror buff among us hasn’t.

Is Jason going to return for a sequel? Like all good old fashioned fright films, the ending is a cliffhanger, so I’d expect it. I’d like to find out what his mother thinks.

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