In his first few days filling the 35-season-old shoes of his Emmy Winning, affable predecessor, Drew Carey didn’t stumble as host of The Price is Right. He doesn’t yet have the confident swagger of Bob Barker, nor the  casually benevolent rapport with the contestants, but give him a decade or two and  he’ll acquire some imitable attributes.

In the meantime, the Plinko chips still fall downward, the first spin of The Big Wheel still wins you a grand if you land on $1, and the host still recommends that you control the pet population by having your pet spayed or neutered.

Is Carey a passionate animal activist or is the line simply a nod to the game show’s previous host?  To find out, and to gain some deeper insight into the political beliefs of the person that the Washington Post describes as “a tubby dork in a crew cut and think-rimmed glasses,” check out ###

In association with libertarian think tank Reason Foundation, the comedian is the host of The Drew Carey Project, a series of video documentaries that, according to the website, “take a hard look at the variety of threats to our liberties – and celebrate what it really means to be free.” Or, according to Carey, “help fight stupid drug laws, the stupid immigration laws, and stupid big government in general.”

Future episodes will touch on medical marijuana, school choice, eminent domain, immigration, and more, but to kick things off Carey covers traffic congestion in LA.

It expounds the benefits of engaging the private sector to build alternatives to crowded highways at no cost to the taxpayer and silently criticizes the government for not adequately handling the problem. Basically, what you would expect from a show sponsored by a libertarian think tank with a host who’s been a public proponent of that libertarian think tank for at least the past decade.



There’s no coverage of contrasting opinions, but that’s probably not the point. The show isn’t a platform for debate. It’s conveying a clear message. Reason Foundation is using some star power and the benefits of web distribution to communicate its agenda. The Drew Carey Project is professionally produced, and its argument is laid out in a clear, concise, inoffensive manner that’s likely to spark at least some personal dialogue about major political issues. Regardless of your political affiliations, that seems reasonable.





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