Dan Meth is bringing Inernet Pepole to, well…Internet people.

Discovered and signed in 2006 by animation heavyweight Fred Seibert to develop new projects for the cartoon world famous Frederator Studios, Meth is an up-and-coming, almost-there animator extraordinaire from the suburbs of New York City behind such talented works as the lovelorned intellectual Annie Mated and the fat cat music vid to The Beat Generation.

Today, Meth significantly expanded his portfolio with the much anticipated launch of Federator Studios’ first online series, Meth Minute 39.


Meth’s first of 39 weekly installments is a simple, well-versed ode to web video that will clearly conjure aural connections to “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” and is just as much of a genius marketing ploy as it is entertainment. In just over three minutes, Meth has encapsulated and animated five years of internet Pop Culture that’s sure to draw attention from anyone familiar with nearly any semi-recent online meme.

It’s a terribly easy strategy to draw an audience, but it hits close to home, and Meth makes it work. The video watches like an episode of “I Love the 80’s” (or insert your appropriate decade) or as if you’re thumbing through an old photo album of almost-bygone almost-friends. “Ha! ‘Boom Goes the Dynamite.’ I totally forgot about that dude!”

Now that Meth and Frederator have their eyeball aggregator out of the bag, I’m looking forward to see what future episodes bring. ‘Internet People’ is fun and all, but young talents like Meth and talented veterans like Seibert are clearly capable of coming up with absurdly quirky characters that can pique interest on more levels than simple nostalgia. The website promises “thirty-eight more of the strangest minutes in animation history.” Let’s see what they draw up.

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