In his most recent post, Matt Kirsch describes the aggravation of enduring pre-roll advertisements.  I have a hunch that these forced messages actually hurt the brands that they are intended to promote, and there’s no question that they turn viewers away — 70 percent of people give up when they see a pre-roll ad.  The incessant references to Superbad have killed the experience on Clark and Michael

.  I enjoyed the series and the movie, but if I am forced to see the movie trailer a fifth time during my two minute visit, I’m gonna lose it. 

Producers can serve the interests of advertisers and their viewers by injecting engaging, entertaining references to the brands that they promote.  Once again, Wallstrip

takes the lead.  Check out the new, witty reference to their sponsorship by Dell. 

Does it make me want to buy a Dell?  To be honest, the computer looks pretty clunky (maybe Dell needs to focus on its product), but at least I associate the brand with a bit of humor instead of a shackle. 


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