Since childhood, Victoria Tilloston has been “obsessed with the idea of adornment – the style and self-expression that someone creates through the ‘look’ she chooses.” Channeling her creative fixation into personal ornamentation, Tilloston has been helping the fashion savvy create their own styles and modes of self-expression with her intellectually-influenced and mod-inspired jewelry.

The reformed-punk-rocker-cum-Ph.D. sells her chicly clunky, self-made wares on her own websites and at boutiques around the US, teaches metalworking and jewelry design at New York’s School for the Visual Arts, and is the host of Next New Network’s latest niche web series, Metal Chik.


Along with Apprentice Adam, Tilloston aims to demystify the art of making beautiful, fashionable jewelry in weekly episodes adorned with some sparkles of history, the flame of a soldering gun, easy instructions, and a lot of DIY.

Inspiring would-be metalworkers to make their own bling seems to come easy to Tilloston. She treats the camera as she would her classroom, and comes across experienced and knowledgeable with a relatable, funky and impassioned vibe. (The Marie-Loiuse Parker “I may not be in my 20’s, but I’m still sexy” look she’s got going is an added accessory.) She’s been there, done that, clearly loves what she’s doing, and wants to show you how.


An example of Tilloston’s wearable art

That’s not to say the show couldn’t use some work. The dynamic between Tilloston and Adam is off, with the Apprentice not adding much more color to the premiere episode than that of his flower print shirt, and as a neophyte, I could use some more detailed visuals (ummm…how exactly did Adam set that stone in the ring?). But the show just launched, and I expect those problems will work themselves out.

If they do, Metal Chik has the possibility of reaching beyond it’s do-it-yourself jeweler demo. I watch Next New Network’s Indy Mogul (Tilzy.TV page) and Threadbanger (Tilzy.TV page) not because I have a need for cheap special effects, or because I want to add some flare to my thrift store find, but because the hosts are awesomely creative and the shows are engaging. It’s interesting to watch interesting people do what interests them, whether or not it involves jewelry that I may or may not ever make and probably never wear.

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