Animated animal actors videoblog to share their feelings and emotions while trying to make it in Tinseltown. 

After Polly gets a grilling from her unsupportive mother for choosing the career path of a poor, overworked, underpaid actress, Dog supports his canine friend with some kind words of encouragement, “You’re out there, you’re studying, you’re working hard. You’re doing everything you should be doing. Just keep a positive attitude, and everything’s going to work out. You’ll see.”

When told he should take some of his own advice, Dog quickly responds, “Well…it’s different in my case, ‘cause the whole world’s against me.”


### Such is the attitude of the pessimistic star of Unleashed (Tilzy.TV page), the animated web sitcom about animal actors trying to make it in Tinseltown. But in the recently concluded Season 3, we can see that Dog’s downtrodden position in life has less to do with being “Fortune’s Fool” and more to do with some unfortunate career choices.

Why does Dog think everyone’s against him? Why does he feel so genuinely positive about Polly’s career and not his own? Why does he hate shooting commercials so much? Maybe we’ll find out in his very own videoblog.

More on Dog and friends’ videoblog after the jump. ###

Every Monday, until the start of Season 4, one member of the cast of Unleashed will appear uncensored, on-camera, to share his or her thoughts and feelings with fans.

Ben Zelevansky and Alex Bloom, the show’s creators, and Scott Harris, the show’s animator, have consistently delivered short, mini-seasons to fill the gaps between regularly scheduled programming. These “very special episodes” keep fans tuned in and allow for some creative comedy that doesn’t have to follow the main narrative.

New character videoblogs should prove especially entertaining. The format allows Zelevansky and Bloom to take their struggling actors in a number of directions, and will give fans a glimpse into the neurotic idiosyncrasies that define their favorite animals in showbiz.

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