National Lampoon’s Toga TV (Tilzy.TV page) has been producing frattacular, Animal House-inspired animations, spoofs, and sketches since way back in February 2006.

Series like “Fat Guy Nation”, which asked fast-food-goers whether they’d give up their Big Macs for a lap dance from a Penthouse Pet, and “Spin Cycle”, which appealed to viewers for donations to help celebrity children maintain the posh lifestyles of their parents on only $3,500/day, aren’t exactly for the cerebral set, but now and then National Lampoon can provide something stimulating for those with above-average comedic standards.

Whether or not it’s your brand of entertainment, you’ll now be able to watch the entirety of National Lampoon’s online catalog on YouTube.


In the same vein as recent announcements from MyDamnChannel and aniBOOM, Daniel Likin, National Lampoon’s CEO, said Monday that the brand will have its own, dedicated channel on the internet’s premiere video-sharing site, and noted, “Our relationship with YouTube provides another destination for our fans worldwide to view our original comedy content and interact with our programming.”


Established, big brands seeking broader exposure by tapping into online video destinations seems to be an ongoing theme. And it makes sense. The more points of contact these brands can create with their potential audience, the more likely their audience will grow.

But should they have any cause to worry? Will less people visit Toga TV because it’s now just as easy to find the site’s content on YouTube?

Considering that a clip has  a much stronger possibility of “going viral” if it lives on YouTube, and being featured on the site’s homepage immediately equals tens of thousands of views, I’m guessing that this form of distribution won’t hurt.  In terms of traditional television, online viewing has been shown to promote, not cannibalize audiences.  Regardless of the platform, I’ll bet that getting in front of as many eyeballs as possible is definitely be a plus.

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