Christine started the blog Collective Heart in September 2006 as a way to use the “collective power of the internet” to highlight and promote worthy causes. Though sporadically updated, the site sheds light on socially conscious people and organizations, as well as Christine’s altruistic, compassionate spirit – a spirit that shines even brighter in another of her web-based projects.

Also started in late September 2006, “60 SECONDS OF LIGHT is an attempt to create an internet-wide September 11th video memorial. The concept is simple: “On September 11th 2007 we are asking all vloggers and internet video content creators to take a break from their regular scheduled content and instead upload 60 seconds of light. A candle burning. A lighter lit. A glow stick glowing. Anything light-filled that you feel honors the memory of all those who were lost. Our hope is to have this light spread throughout the internet; creating the largest memorial service ever to commemorate September 11th.”


Last October, Christine told the vidoeblogging community why the project was important to her:


Why does this project mean a lot to me? So many ways I can answer that. For one, I am a New Yorker, and every day I still wake up and some small part of my brain remembers and is deeply chilled by the events. And even if that was my only reason, it is enough to want to continue to honor all those who were lost.

It has been 5 years. There are numerous memorials. Memorials that are placed on the earth in various locations. But nothing that can be seen from everywhere. I want to create something that can be viewed by anyone that has access to a computer.

There are still so many people effected my the events, and by the events that have followed, of course. If there is something that can be done, even as simple as placing a candle on a website on that day – to give a moment of silence, a moment of recognition – then that seems like little to ask. And a small part of my day spent asking really is nothing in the long-run!

And in the end, it is the collective power of the internet and what we can say as a whole that interests me. I’m not interested in people knowing my story or making this about me in any way. This is an effort to have people say something as a collective group.

So, it is about the “we” not the “I.” It’s about all the people that are going to participate.

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