If you know your matzah brie from your matzah balls and are at all familiar with online video, chances are you’re well aware of Feed Me Bubbee (Tilzy.TV page).

Started by the hyperactive, enthusiastic 23-year-old, Avrom Nehlig in May 2006, the online show features Bubbe – his chatty, endearing, too-cute 80-year-old Jewish grandmother – preparing tasty looking cultural dishes mixed with a bit of Yiddish and a lot of history.

The show has become an internet and cultural phenomenon, but for those unfamiliar with Bubbe’s kitchen exploits and the online video efforts of others her age, check out this Wall Street Journal article on using YouTube for purposes of posterity or watch ABC’s video version that aired on Charles Gibson this past Wednesday. As mainstream news coverage of internet video goes, the segment offers a surprisingly good summary.



Bubbe’s a jewel, Nehlig’s a mensch, and the show is deliciously good.  It’s great to see it receiving this much attention off of computer screens and congregation newsletters.

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