Brad Neely, is not an idiot, regardless of what his profile on Super Deluxe may suggest. In fact, if you’re even remotely familiar with his work, you’ll know that terms like “comic genius” and “virtuoso” describe him much better.

Neely has been writing and illustrating his absurdist Creased Comics out of Austin, Texas since 1996, but he didn’t surface from the underground until 2004.  That’s when Neely released Wizard People, Dear Reader – an audio spoof of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone that’s an alternative narration with a book on tape, “please turn the page” attitude.  Chapters 1 and 2 can be seen in action below.

With Rowling’s newest addition to the literary series coming out today (OMG!), we thought it fitting to take a look at what Neely’s done since.

His video of the lore of George Washington ignited an avalanche of ridiculous cartoons that now all come exclusively from Super Deluxe.  Every 6-10 days, Brad pumps out a video marked by successions of crude, colored drawings and clever, if retarded, humor.  Clips like “Role Play Tournament“, “Bible History #1“, and his most famous “History Lesson #1” are so good mostly because of their silliness and simplicity.

“Role Play Tournament” taps into a couple of stimuli that are a little distracting, but equal in snarkiness.  Viking garb, and sing-song anthems have never been coupled so well. The song is catchy, but just don’t get caught singing at work. Heads may turn.

“Bible History #1” is a uninformed secular look at the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah. Some sneer at bible ridicule, but this sneers right back.  The punchy manner makes the story easier to digest, which says something about being preachy.

And then there’s the video that signaled Brad’s start at Super Deluxe, “History Lesson #1”. The concept of Camelot is turned on its ear, and in classic fashion. The video sings everything about JFK that people love to gossip about, but that’s always left out of the secret exposés chronicling his personal legend. Except for the robot parts. Thats just funny.

For more, check out the rest of Brad Neely’s demenedtly funny videos here.

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