Nothing crushes my spirits faster than the gang from Entourage,” says Hungry Man TV’s Danimal, and he’s got a point.  Maybe you’re accustomed to taking your pick from a harem of lascivious LA women, grabbing a pair of one-of-a-kind original kicks on your birthday, and having just about everything fall into your lap (both figuratively and…errrr…literally).  Otherwise, the escapades of Hollywood’s fictitious foursome don’t resonate past the “Wow! That’s awesome!” level.  A normal guy simply can’t relate.

So what’s a normal guy to do? Watch We Need Girlfriends.

I thought it was funny, but I couldn’t relate to any of the characters because they were just walking around having no trouble picking up girls,” We Need Girlfriend’s creator Steven Tsapelas said of the HBO show when we spoke with him last month. “It was just as easy as could be, and for us it was always a struggle. So I wanted to make a show that was the anti-Entourage.”

And that’s what We Need Girlfriends is, in the best possible way. “It’s based on our lives and our experiences,” says Tsapelas. “It’s like an amalgamation of things that we’ve done over the past couple of years.” Normal guys in normal situations going through the normal stress and drama of finding a girl in New York City. Admittedly, certain character traits and situations are built-up to great comedic effect, but at its foundation, it’s something to which any guy can relate.

We’ve given shout outs to We Need Girlfriends before at Tilzy.TV, but every month when a new episode comes out, it’s always worth another mention. Check out the newly released The Morning After episode where Rod, Tom, and Henry all (or almost all) get lucky…and someone finally gets laid.

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