In late-May, top-tier commercial production house, Hungry Man launched Hungry Man TV as a place for its slate of all-star directors to showcase original web series.

Any mild sports enthusiast that lived somewhere with a cable television subscription during the past decade is already well familiar with Hungry Man from their This is SportsCenter campaign, and others will recognize the company’s work in commercials for household brands like Budweiser, the NBA, Howard Stern, American Express, and more.



So, what are they serving up on the web?  Check it out after the jump. ###

On the menu there’s investigative-reporting cheerleaders, a forgotten Greek philosopher, and animated critiques of popular television. Here’s a quick look:

Undercover Cheerleaders – Four would-be Cowboys cheerleaders who didn’t quite make the cut at tryouts find solace in their rejection by banning together to “fight injustices of the world.”



If you want pure eye candy, look elsewhere. If you want some borderline amusing man-on-the-street social commentary, watch Leno. If you want both, Undercover Cheerleaders might be your show.


Episode 1 takes the bubbly foursome to the streets of New York to investigate taxi cab discrimination. It’s eight years after Danny Glover complained he couldn’t get a ride because of his skin color, and the girls want to see if anything has changed.

It may be easy to pull off the part of a ditzy, pretty-girl with good intentions, but this cast makes it look effortless.  But the real stars of this show are the hardcore rap parodies narrating the action on camera. Lyrics like, “this is a test of the city cab system…will they pick the girl lookin’ so fly, or will the cab stop for a black guy?” are especially funny with cleverly cut New York City street footage and girls in cheerleader outfits doing calisthenics. 

Phistophicles – A “lesser known Greek philosopher” muses on classical questions ranging from free will and knowledge, to toga parties and why there are no female philosophers in a series of illuminating video “books.”


What’s Phistophicles take on fake breasts? “I don’t have a problem with fake breasts, I have a problem with fake people.” How about truth? “Truth is, Archimedes sister puts out…I guess that’s more of a ‘truth’. I guess I’ll have to work on that one.”


Truth is, after watching the first episode, the inappropriate, quasi-Classical joke is already out of the bag, but quick successions of questions keeps viewers engaged. You keep wondering what Phistophicles will say next.

Danimal’s Late Night Cartoons – Created by Southpaw Productions, Danimal’s the animated sardonic host of his own scathingly on-point critiques of popular television.

Hip as the boys from Entourage may be, it’s about time Hollywood’s fictional golden boy got some flack. Check out Danimal’s parody below to see what might currently be one of the funniest spoofs on the web.

That’s the lineup so far, with promises of lurid tales told with oral close-ups and badly drawn movie moguls to come mid-July. Hungry Man TV’s new to the web game, and they have some growing to do, but they’re developing programming that could soon leave viewers’ appetites for entertainment well satisfied.

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