We’ve all typed an obscure or unanswerable question into a search engine hoping to have the answer burst into our consciousness.  Do cloth diapers leak more than disposables? Alley cats! do they have rights? If a guy wears a skirt, does it’s length effect peoples opinions?

And Yahoo’s helped solve our collective conundrum with its Answers application that draws on the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ to create a database of answers to common (and not so common) questions.  Yahoo has so successfully engaged askers and answerers that it won out over Google’s similar endeavour and recently announced an API that will allow any website to access and display its data by user, search keyword, or category.

Now Yahoo’s pushing the Answer’s brand even further by partnering with GMC to create a similarly themed video series, Answers on the Street. Hosted by Keith van Straaten (former host of Comedy Central’s Beat the Geeks) who asks average and expert Americans to answer questions posed by the Yahoo community, “while also conducting fun and humorous experiments.”

Yahoo’s on to something.  This new series will draw on the best elements of television and the web to create a truly interactive, user-guided-and-contributed, television experience.

Check out these video-taped answers to “How Can I Grill The Perfect Juicy Steak?”

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