On Tuesday, following the launch of My Damn Channel, I griped that entertainment industry entrants to internet-TV should focus on niche content, not catch-all warehouses with ambiguous brands.  Two days later, I got a taste of what I wanted, but I’m not particularly impressed.

Morgan Webb – host of G4 Network’s X-Play – along with some unnamed cohorts, has created a Monday-through-Thursday video blog covering “developments in tech news, video gaming, gadgetry, and digital culture.”  Initially I thought this would be a clone of Rocketboom (Tilzy Page) but, so far, the coverage leans more mainstream.  Looks like  MoBuzz (Tilzy Page) with a hyperactive host.

On the show, Webb notes that the project will “keep changing and growing,” so she encourages feedback.  Way to be! Here’s mine:

The show is succinct, professional and informative, but I find your “my video blog” shtick to be aggravatingly fake. You clearly have at least a producer and an editor.  Your show has been up for a day, and Federated Media is selling ads on your website.  Own up to the fact that this is a collaborative, professional production, not  your own little video blog.  Nobody will blame you. 

Also–maybe it’s a TV journalist thing– your hyper-enunciation is driving me crazy.  The camera is five feet away.  The sound is good.  We can understand you.  Relax.

Despite my criticism, Webb has an endearing presence, and the show has tapped a growing demographic.  With a few minor tweaks, it should be a hit. 

Here’s Webb’s first shot at video blogging.  If you have a chance, let her know what you think.

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