Para-Tube is not a recreational activity for tourists in beach locales. Following, GodTube, JewTube, IslamTube, JazzTube, and video sites of a sacrilegious nature, it’s the latest in a line of niche YouTube clones dedicated towards a fanatic market: paranormal activity.

Ghost Hunters and those with The Gift upload their spiritual and/or other wordly findings they were lucky enough to catch on film, ie this dude below, whose dogs and cats were mildly freaking out at a ruckus taking place in the attic. I braced myself for the scary part so I wouldn’t get all Exorcist Maze freakout in the coffee shop I’m working at, but it never came.

24,490 views and a couple cute comments from believers – “I like this video. You know something strange is happening when the animals react. I feel bad for the dog…” – that make me smile.

It’s unclear who’s behind the site. The other videos are mostly repurposed television footage.

While those who believe in close encounters wait for Steven Speilberg’s UFO-centric social network to launch, it’ll be interesting to see how much original material users uploaded to Para-Tube. Homegrown ghost footage could make for interesting procrastination material on dark and stormy nights.

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