A while ago, Pepsi Co. commissioned 11 artists to design labels for a series of limited edition aluminum bottles to energize the Mountain Dew brand. Three weeks ago, the Green Label Art project’s website released  information and videos about each of the 12 labels (Mark Nardelli created two) and the artist behind each one.

Peat Wollaeger, Chris Pastras, Adam Juresko, Dr. Revolt, Mark Nardelli, Methamphibian, Troy Denning, Jeff Staple, JT Woodruff, Chuck Anderson, and TWEEQiM contributed reinterpretations of the Mountain Dew brand image.

They picked some great regional artists to design the bottles. Some are better than others and some prompt an immediate “What does this have to do with Mountain Dew? At all?” But overall, the labels are as well-designed as you would expect and the videos promoting each artist, created individually and independently, are interesting introductions to some awesome artists that you probably don’t know about.

Sure, you might know Jeff Staple, Chris Pastras, or Methamphibian, but check out the videos and labels by Mark Nardelli and Chuck Anderson, which seem much more interesting than the more popular artists involved in Green Label Art. The compendium of skaters, sneaker designers, and “photo illustration artists” reads like a list of people you should know about but most likely don’t.

The website also details events involving each artist (there are about 10 going on between now and October) and, one of my favorite things in the world, a contest for user-generated content. Interested parties can design their own Mountain Dew bottle art using a standardized design program built into the website. The idea is to respond to the question, “What fuels your core?” with a personalized design.

Although I think the best graphic response to that question would be to cut and paste the poster art for The China Syndrome and shade it green, your design might be a little better than mine and might actually win the contest, scoring you $10,000 and a secured commission for a bottle in next year’s Green Label Art. You have until June 30 to send in your design submissions since voting begins July 1.

Check out this video of graphic designer and 2007 Green Label Artist Mark Nardelli below and the rest of the artist videos on Green Label Art.


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