When popular online network GoFish announced its new straightforward show “Seduce a Celeb,” the obvious first question on my mind was: what celebrity is going to agree to do this?

Now I know.

Mirelly Taylor, who has made a career out of one-episode guest appearances on TV shows like “Las Vegas” and “Lovespring International,” agreed to appear in the first round of the show, committing to an introductory spot, three spots telling participants three things that she loves that they can send a video of themselves doing to impress her, and, most importantly, a date with the winner she chooses.

The premise seems self-explanatory, but I’ll break it down for you nonetheless: a celebrity makes three videos explaining something that he or she likes and viewers are expected to make three videos which embody or act out that desirous trait. The winner will be chosen by the celebrity, who even permits a celebrity date.

As the rounds go on, the celebrity picks her early favorites (which currently include users Denton Rose, Big Tony T, Big Papa, Marty Weber, and Drizzle Dog) while the videos come in. There are currently about 40 videos and 11 contestants, who have each made fairly embarrassing videos involving Mirelly’s love for fruit, dancing, and pickup lines. (Who doesn’t love a good pickup line? Right? Yeah, that video didn’t come out of a production memo at all.)

It’s a little ridiculous. No, it’s more than a little ridiculous. There are videos labeled things like “Vladimir Dances like it’s 1992,” “Denton Rose 101 Intro to a stud muffin,” and “Muscle Kiss.”

But while it’s a big leap of faith to grant the mantle of celebrity to someone whose is more appropriately described by the phrase “has made guest appearances on TV,” it does elevate the show from being another “Blind Date” or “Fifth Wheel” vehicle.

So if you think you have a few similarities to the men displayed above, but have an edge that knocks them all out of the water, check out “Seduce a Celeb” on GoFish and try to win Mirelly Taylor over with your cunning charms.

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