Sex. Secrets. Betrayal. Extravagant projectile orgasms. It’s like any other season finale.

Duder, the Seinfeldian long-form comedy-drama from Brooklyn, finally completes their first season with the show’s sixth episode, which is one of its best.

The show is about a few friends and roommates, their girlfriends and boyfriends, and their questioning of mundane everyday occurrences like excrement and “the neutral face” (it’s all very Seinfeld). Basically, it’s The Burg without the parody.

It’s one of the best episodes of the series. Granted, there’s only six. But all the same, the episode has some choice editing (including one of a cat, who gives a well-executed reaction shot, and a fountain sequence relating back to those extravagant projectile orgasms I mentioned earlier) and–even better–focused plots that move along at a moderated pace.

The one complaint I used to have with the show was that there were one or two too many characters, making episodic focus a little bit too blurry to care about what’s happening to each character. (Speaking of The Burg–that show has a few problems with this too.)  But episode six focuses on Ricky and Judy’s weird sex moment and all the weird sex conversations that happen afterwards, driving a story between Glen and Stephen’s relationship at the same time. Ingenious. One storyline moving multiple plots with less characters. That’s the way to make people get involved in an online serial with a runtime that’s relatively long but still pretty short.

So check out the season finale of Duder and keep an eye out for our interview with one of the show’s creators.

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