Eco-Schmeco is a new animated series on Lime, the video network that wants to show you how to live a 5% greener lifestyle.

Lime has employed ex-SNL castmember Victoria Jackson to voice Ms. Rabble, Eco-Schmeco’s single mother main character. (If you don’t remember Victoria Jackson on SNL, that’s because it was 20 years ago, she had no recurring characters, and her voice was predestined for Sesame Street and little else. See picture above.) Ms. Rabble’s “so granola” sister wants her to learn to be just a little bit friendlier to the environment. In the first episode, she learns how to recycle her baby’s diapers and her ex-boyfriend’s blow-up doll.

It’s awful. The animation, supplied by Frank Chindamo of Fun Little Movies (whose, as you’ll see if you click that link, introductory video’s first joke involves a fat man dancing in the street to a chorus of “Hallelujah” ), is a two-dimensional disappointment whose frazzled lines appear to be influenced by Richard Linklater (but simply in that there are frazzled lines; it might as well have been influenced by “Rugrats”) and whose characters’ eyes blink with slowed inhuman regularity like cheap baby dolls.

The writing is just as bad. And alienating, too. It pokes fun at people who are green with bad jokes about composting and uses a character who is a blatant representation of the network’s demographic, making Ms. Rabble difficult to relate to as a motivating figure since she’s so bluntly formulaic. This is not a show I would recommend checking out, but thanks to the Hollywood Reporter for pointing it out to us anyway.

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