Top 5 Branded Videos of the Week: LazarBeam goes smurfing for his sponsors

By 06/03/2024
Top 5 Branded Videos of the Week: LazarBeam goes smurfing for his sponsors

Welcome to our rundown of the most-watched branded YouTube videos of the week.

We’re publishing this snippet of a larger Gospel Stats Weekly Brand Report in order to analyze sponsorship trends in the creator economy. Any video launched in tandem with an official brand partner is eligible for the ranking.

And – as the name up above would imply – all the data comes from Gospel Stats. If you’re interested in learning more about Gospel – and which brands are sponsoring what creators on YouTube – click here.


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Gaming. True crime. Family content. Tech. The top videos in our latest Weekly Brand Report touch on some of the categories that get the most views on YouTube. Its not surprising that sponsors are flocking to those tried-and-true formats, but this week’s list of most-watched branded videos does include a few surprises. There’s no MrBeast, no Ryan Trahan, no Veritasium, and appearances from a few creators who are first-timers in this column. Without further ado, let’s run through the sponcon highlights from the week that was:

#1 Bronze to Unreal Speedrun (world record)
Channel: LazarBeam
Brand: Gamer Supps

Speedrunning is so hot right now. As Awesome Games Done Quick raises millions and Ludwig Ahgren looks to follow suit, Lannan Eacott is combining speedruns with another gaming concept. The creator known as LazarBeam set a world record by going from Fortnite‘s lowest competitive rank to its highest. The early rounds of that challenge are an example of “smurfing,” in which high-level players beat up on inferior competition. In this case, those n00bs are “literal children,” as LazarBeam puts it. Luckily, his sponsor Gamer Supps loves a bit of trolling from time to time.

#2 Triple Murder Suspect vs. New Mexico State Police
Channel: Midwest Safety
Brand: SafetyVid

For the second week in a row, the true crime channel Midwest Safety has carved out a spot for itself in our Weekly Brand Report. With videos that depict traffic stops gone wrong and high-intensity car chases, Midwest Safety takes viewers back to the heyday of dashcam videos on YouTube. This time, its entry in our ranking takes viewers a bit outside the Midwest. New Mexico may be an atypical setting for this rising channel, but high viewership and big returns for sponsor SafetyVid have become the norm.

#3 Recreating Insane DadToks
Channel: Danny Gonzalez
Brand: Opera

Creator and musician Danny Gonzalez became a dad last year, and that means he is officially qualified to recreate some “DadToks.” I’m not talking about middle-aged men running around shouting “hi hungry, I’m dad.” In this case, the DadToks in question were posted by the fathers of well-known creators, and Gonzalez is using his high-energy approach to recreate the “insane” energy of those uploads. His sponsor is the web browser Opera, which has emerged as a regular presence in our Weekly Brand Report.

#4 Building the ENDGAME invisible PC
Channel: DIY Perks
Brand: FlexiSpot

Personally, I don’t think I want an invisible PC. It sounds like an easy way for me to clumsily bump into my expensive tech, adding insult to injury. But if I did go the invisible PC route, I would want DIY Perks to build it for me. The channel known for its home engineering experiments showed viewers what an invisible PC looks like (or doesn’t look like, I guess) for a recent video. The clip features a standing desk courtesy of video sponsor FlexiSpot. Oh, good, another think with sharp corners for me to trip over.

BONUS #1,788 Covering an NBA Playoff Game with one half of the Broadcast Boys!
Channel: House of Highlights
Brand: Google Pixel

The Bleacher Report-affiliated basketball hub House of Highlights typically experiences a viewership bump between April and June, when the NBA Playoffs captivate sports fans across the globe. The postseason is an ideal time for a hoops-oriented sponsorship, and House of Highlights delivered the goods by using a Google Pixel device to shoot the Western Conference Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and the Minnesota Timberwolves. The video includes some references to impressive Pixel specs. With its impressive lens, you’ll be able to zoom across the court faster than Kyrie Irving.

…and there’s a lot more data where that came from. If you’re interested in learning more about Gospel – and which brands are sponsoring what creators on YouTube – click here.

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