With $15 million of funding in its pocket, beehiiv wants creators to launch newsletters

By 04/02/2024
With $15 million of funding in its pocket, beehiiv wants creators to launch newsletters

Newsletter hub beehiiv is recruiting creators. After raising a $12.5 million Series A in 2023, the three-year-old platform has hired Twitter and Andreessen Horowitz vet Katherine Rundell, who has been put in charge of beehiiv’s creator outreach unit.

Rundell’s official title is VP of Creators. Since joining beehiiv at the start of the year, she has led a team that forges partnerships with big-name talent. Those creators are given guidance as they author and distribute newsletters through beehiiv. Their multimedia updates for subscribers are part of a growing beehiiv operation that includes one billion emails sent out each month.

The creators who have teamed with beehiiv include creatory economy experts Colin & Samir (pictured above), who have brought their Publish Press newsletter to the platform. Other partners include Peloton VP of Fitness Programming Robin Arzón and former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Full disclosure: Tubefilter also distributes its daily newsletter through beehiiv.)


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Rundell told Tubefilter that beehiiv has recruited high-level talent through multiple avenues. It has reached out to creators, talent agents, and managers, and it sources leads from its social team and a “tight group of strategic advisors who have great direct-to-creator relationships.” Rundell has also leveraged the personal network she has built up across nearly a decade of work in the creator world.

Creators who wish to launch newsletters have plenty of options, since companies like Medium and LinkedIn are also chasing A-list talent. Rundell believes that beehiiv possess several qualities that give it an edge in a crowded field. She cited the platform’s creator-friendly monetization structure (beehiiv doesn’t take a cut of newsletter revenue) as well as its robust, full-featured platform and its “aesthetically pleasing” design options.

“beehiiv’s options for monetizing newsletters makes it easy for creators to quickly see revenue,” Rundell told Tubefilter. “This is through our ad network, boosts, subscriptions, referrals and more.”

The results achieved by beehiiv’s creator partners speak for themselves. Arzón’s newsletter The Pivot reached 40,000 subscribers two months after launch. The Peloton instructor only sends out one edition of The Pivot per week, but she pulls in an average open rate of 71.4%.

Rundell noted that brand partners see impressive gains on beehiiv as well. She told Tubefilter that advertisers on the platform “see 12x ROI than traditional paid channels.”

beehiiv is capitalizing on a boom within its industry, but Rundell doesn’t believe that newsletters are a flash in the pan. She cited the Milk Road newsletter as an example of the potential long-term benefits of the medium. Milk Road launched its newsletter in January 2022, built it up to 250,000 subscribers, and landed an acquisition — all before the end of the year.

“We believe that newsletters are the core to any media business, and as we know, creators are the next-gen of these businesses,” Rundell said. “Email isn’t going anywhere and being able to capture that data and contact info from followings is crucial for creators thinking about long-term business plans. For instance, if they have ideas to launch a product one day, starting with a newsletter is the best way to build up that data set of top customers.”

Under CEO Tyler Denk, beehiiv has amassed more than $15 million in VC funds (including a $2.6 million seed round in 2021) and has grown its workforce to 50 employees. An emphasis on creators is a prominent item on the company’s agenda — so subscribers should expect a lot more news to hit their inboxes in the coming months.

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