Amouranth made an AI copy of herself that fans can pay to be their “sexy and playful girlfriend”

By 05/19/2023
Amouranth made an AI copy of herself that fans can pay to be their “sexy and playful girlfriend”

Amouranth is entering an untested era of fanservice with a company that promises to let people “date realistic AI personas of your favorite influencers and celebrities.”

Forever Voices AI was founded in November 2022 by self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur, investor and futurist” John H. Meyer. Its goal? “Democratizing access to the world’s greatest minds and turning influencers into AI powered companions, all with immersive 2-way audio.”

Amouranth–who streams on Twitch to more than 6 million followers and makes $1.5 million a month on OnlyFans–partnered with Forever Voices to develop “AI Amouranth,” a Telegram bot companion the company says was trained on “countless hours of Amouranth’s unique personality and inflections.”


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Users who pay to access the bot (we’re not sure of the price, as the subscriber site isn’t live yet) will receive generated voice responses made to sound like Amouranth.

The companion seems like a parasocial playground: It’s explicitly marketed as a way for fans to have “unparalleled personal access to an AI copy of Amouranth herself, whenever and wherever they desire,” in an experience that “blurs the lines between reality and virtual interaction.”

An example screenshot of the bot shows AI Amouranth introducing herself as “your sexy and playful girlfriend.” Forever Voices says there’s also a NSFW option built into the bot, so it will be able to generate sexual (or at least sexually suggestive) content.

“I thrive on taking risks and pushing boundaries,” Amouranth said in a statement. “I prioritize being there for my incredible audience. AI Amouranth is designed to satisfy the needs of every fan, ensuring an unforgettable and all-encompassing experience.”

“We are delighted to welcome Amouranth to the globally known Forever Companion family,” Meyer added. “This partnership represents the convergence of AI technology and human connection, allowing fans to engage with their favorite influencers on a whole new level. At Forever Voices AI, we believe in the transformative power of AI to enhance human relationships and foster meaningful connections. Our mission is to democratize access to anyone, and we are thrilled to have Amouranth on board as we shape the future of AI-powered fan interactions.”

This is not Amouranth’s first time exploring intimate products for fans. She’s also partnered with fellow creator Ludwig to make a custom adult toy molded from her body.

She’s also not the first creator to create a digital doppelgänger with Forever Voices. Snapchatter Caryn Marjorie released her own Amouranth AI equivalent, CarynAI, with the company earlier this month. Following her bot’s debut, Marjorie received death threats, and there were reportedly issues where CarynAI was sending sexually suggestive messages despite not being programmed to generate NSFW content. Marjorie issued a statement saying the bot had gone “rogue” and she and her team “are working around the clock to prevent this from happening again.”

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