With his new candy brand, FaZe Rug wants to 1UP the competition

By 05/18/2023
With his new candy brand, FaZe Rug wants to 1UP the competition

Move over, MrBeast: Feastables has company in the creator candy business. FaZe Rug (real name Brian Awadis) has expanded his offline empire through 1UP Candy, which is launching with a line of sour gummies.

1UP’s first product is available in a six-pack filled with “extremely sour” gummies, which retails for $17.99. For the first 72 hours post-launch, 1UP sales will be limited to Cash App card holders. Those consumers will be the first buyers to take on Awadis’ Sour Gummy Challenge, which asks brave eaters to endure the ultra-tart flavor of the 1UP gummies. To make that challenge a bit less cruel, each six-pack comes with complimentary “Neutralizer” drink mixes.

Awadis’ candy brand is summoning childhood nostalgia by inviting buyers to remember the first time they ate Warheads. As part of that effort, the creator took an early crack at the Sour Gummy Challenge and posted the results on his YouTube channel, which reaches 23.4 million subscribers.


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For his latest venture, Awadis is working alongside Matt Weiss, who serves as 1UP’s CEO. The candy brand was incubated through the talent venture studio VO/D.

“Working with FaZe Rug on this drop has been a dream as he is a legit candy aficionado with proven cred and a backlog of widely viewed content on candy as well as an innovative entrepreneur,” Weiss said in a statement. “At 1UP Candy, we’re on a journey to help candy fans make memories, to connect, and be creative and adventurous. Like that first time you watched PopRocks dance on your tongue, or making up your own cool Jelly Bean® flavor combos. Moments by candy.”

Awadis is a co-owner of FaZe Clan, a gaming organization that counts top streamers and creators among its members. Given the financial troubles and interpersonal squabbles plaguing FaZe Clan, Awadis is wise to set up a new revenue stream for himself and his collaborators.

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