Colin and Samir are going deep with Discord (Exclusive)

By 05/18/2023
Colin and Samir are going deep with Discord (Exclusive)

Colin and Samir are bringing their community to Discord.

The creator-interviewing duo is hooking up with Discord as their “thought partner” to launch a server where viewers will be able to introduce themselves, get to know one another, ask Colin and Samir questions, discuss creator economy news, and share their sources of creative inspiration.

Colin tells Tubefilter he and Samir–who have 1.2 million subscribers on their shared YouTube channel and tens of thousands of listeners for their podcasts The Colin and Samir Show and Creator Support–are focused on establishing stronger ties with their current audience members.


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“Our next chapter is centered around building depth within our community rather than width,” he says.

They plan to monetize those ties using Discord’s server subscriptions, which will let them charge for things like extra videos, access to exclusive chat channels within the server, and other perks. Discord launched server subscriptions wide in December, and tells Tubefilter that to date, “thousands” of content creators and server owners have used them to monetize their servers.

“The future of the creator economy lies with community-based creators, and Discord’s community first approach aligns perfectly with our mission and direction as creators,” Samir says. “We want to build content with our community, not just for them. Discord’s platform provides us with the tools and resources to engage with our community in an impactful way and to have our community engage with each other.”

Discord says it chose to partner with Colin and Samir because it “gravitates towards partnerships with creators who are invested and excited about building a community online amongst fans.”

Its half of the partnership involved helping Colin and Samir set up their server and develop a server subscription strategy. In the future, it’ll “act as a thought partner and provide ongoing support and guidance where needed,” it says.

Viewers who want to join Colin and Samir’s server can do so here.

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