TikTok donates $2 million for Mental Health Awareness Month

By 05/16/2023
TikTok donates $2 million for Mental Health Awareness Month

Like every other aspect of TikTok, its potential impact on users’ mental health has been heavily scrutinized. The platform has previously introduced tools it says will help protect users, and now, to mark this year’s Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s launching an information hub and donating $2 million in ad credits to organizations that support mental health.

Those organizations (with descriptions provided by TikTok) include:

  • Alliance for Eating Disorders (@alliancefored)–a nonprofit organization providing education, referrals, and support
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (@afspnational)–Saving lives + bringing hope
  • Crisis Text Line (@crisistextline)–provides free, 24/7 mental health support. Text TIKTOK to 741741
  • Made of Millions (@madeofmillions)–a global advocacy nonprofit on a mission to change how the world perceives mental health
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (@nami)–helps Americans affected by mental illness
  • National Eating Disorders Association (@neda)–supports those affected by eating disorders, and serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care
  • Peer Health Exchange (@peerhealthexchange)–provides youth with support, resources, and education to make healthy decisions

“This collaboration represents just one part of our continued efforts to advocate for positive mental health and reach people in need of support, and we’re grateful that nonprofits and advocacy groups choose TikTok as a platform to share their knowledge and to reach a wide audience,” TikTok said in a company blog post.


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These organizations provided information for TikTok’s new mental health hub, which TikTok says is aimed at “sharing resources, putting an end to stigmas, and making sure that everyone has the support they need.”

TikTok says users who visit the hub will be able to learn about mental health topics and connect with community advocates.

Along with launching the hub and donating ad credits, TikTok is spending the month of May spotlighting ten creators who are open about mental health and “have made a significant impact both on and off the platform over the past year,” it says.

Those ten creators (again with descriptions provided by TikTok) include:

  • @asoulcalledjoel (Texas)–Joel Cross is a certified meditation teacher, mindfulness coach, and accomplished Grammy-nominated musician who has dedicated over a decade of his life to studying and practicing various mindfulness techniques — which inspired him to create the R.I.S.E. Journal, mindful music, and the Beautiful Souls Mindfulness Community, where he leads daily guided meditations. His practical approach to ancient meditation techniques helps people develop inner peace and emotional stability while staying true to their personal values.
  • @dr.kojosarfo (Los Angeles, California)–Dr. Kojo Sarfo is a psychotherapist, actor, comedian, content creator, and writer who creates videos in order to bring people together and promote mental health awareness.
  • @elainaefird (Vermont)–Elaina Efird, RDN, CD, CEDRD, CSSD, is a registered dietitian, certified eating disorder dietitian, and board-certified specialist in sports nutrition. Elaine is helping to break the stigma of eating disorders and educate people on the toxic cycle diet culture promotes. She believes that eating disorders need to be taken more seriously, both in society and in the medical community, and uses her voice to advocate for recovery.
  • @elysemyers (Omaha, Nebraska)–Elyse Myers is a writer and comedian based in Omaha who has achieved mainstream recognition as a digital content creator since gaining recognition on TikTok. Deemed “The Internet’s Best Friend,” Elyse continues to create unfiltered, genuine, and hilarious content that allows herself to be seen authentically.
  • @joelbervell (Portland, Oregon)–Joel Bervell is a Ghanaian-American medical student who creates medical content about racial disparities in healthcare, the hidden history of medicine, and overlooked biases in the healthcare industry. He also serves on councils, including the White House Office of Public Engagement’s Health Care Leaders in Social Media, the Council for Social Responsible Media, the World Health Organization’s ‘Operation Fides,’ and The Atlantic’s Health Equity Advisory Board.
  • @lindsay.fleminglpc (Chicago, Illinois)–Lindsay Fleming, LPC, is a licensed therapist and private practice owner who is widely regarded as a trailblazer in modern mental health prevention and de-stigmatization work on TikTok. She is open about her own mental health struggles and has empowered her community of over half a million to start putting their mental health first. She is also a TEDx speaker, podcast host, and nonprofit co-founder.
  • @nutritionbykylie (Los Angeles, California)–Kylie Sakaida, MS, RDN, is a registered dietitian and content creator who is passionate about helping others improve their health in realistic ways and providing culturally sensitive nutrition education. Through her platform, Kylie shares practical nutrition tips, evidenced-based nutrition information, and easy-to-follow healthy recipes with her millions of followers.
  • @thepsychodoctormd (Los Angeles, California)–Dr. Sasha Hamdani is a board-certified psychiatrist who breaks down stigmas and provides accessible information about mental health. She uses her platform to spread easy-to-understand, science-backed information to educate, uplift and support others. She is the author of Self-Care for People with ADHD and the creator of FocusGenie, the mobile app for focus, productivity, and ADHD education.
  • @therapyjeff (Portland, Oregon)–Jeff Guenther uses a unique blend of humor and education to discuss mental health. He draws from his expertise in psychology and combines it with his engaging, witty approach to make complex topics accessible, promote mental well-being, and destigmatize mental health issues.
  • @victoriabrowne (Los Angeles, California)–Victoria Garrick Browne is a TED Talk speaker, mental health advocate, host of the popular podcast ‘Real Pod,’ and a former Division I Athlete. She is known for her unfiltered campaign, #RealPost, and for frequently discussing topics like depression, anxiety, and eating disorder recovery. Victoria encourages all people to be their most authentic selves.

Content featuring spotlighted creators will appear on TikTok’s new hub throughout the month. Users can access the hub by going to the #MentalHealthAwareness hashtag page and tapping on the link at the top.

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