MrBeast just taught a class at Harvard

By 04/06/2023
MrBeast just taught a class at Harvard

Harvard‘s tough to get into. The class of 2027 had a miniscule 3.4% acceptance rate. So you either need to be one of the lucky 1,900 or so applicants every year–or you can have over 140 million subscribers on YouTube.

MrBeast just so happens to fit the latter category, and he just stopped by Harvard Business School to teach a class about his “business empire.”

We don’t know if this was a one-off seminar or part of an ongoing lecture series. We also don’t know exactly what the full class material was, but in one photo posted by MrBeast, we can see him standing in front of a chalkboard with what looks like a header reading “MrBeast’s Business Empire” with several branching elements, including philanthropy, “channels,” “other YouTube/brands,” and “build studio.”


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Other bits we can see include “connect w/ age group,” “main vs. other channels,” “brand deals,” and “need to monetize,” along with a graph examining the relationship between the amount of money invested in a video and that video’s success.

MrBeast posted that photo along with a shot of himself next to the Harvard Business School sign. In both, he’s wearing a black sweater and blue jeans–aka The Steve Jobs.

“I taught a class at Harvard which is pretty funny because I dropped out of college after only going for two weeks haha,” he captioned the photos on Instagram.

For the brief duration of his own college career, MrBeast attended East Carolina University. He ended up partnering with that college late last year to launch a training and credentialing program for people who want to work with content creators.

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