Grace Van Dien broke out on ‘Stranger Things.’ Now she wants to star alongside streamers.

By 03/16/2023
Grace Van Dien broke out on ‘Stranger Things.’ Now she wants to star alongside streamers.

Grace Van Dien‘s tenure on Stranger Things only lasted a single episode, but she’s settling into a longer career arc on Twitch. The actress who broke out by portraying the doomed cheerleader Chrissy is now imagining a sitcom featuring popular streamers like Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Pokimane.

Chrissy’s untimely demise in the first episode of Stranger Things‘ fourth season made Van Dien a household name (and the subject of many memes). Though she is Hollywood royalty — the daughter of actor Casper Van Dien and the granddaughter of Golden Age star Robert Mitchum — Van Dien is also an avid gamer who enjoys Valorant and Overwatch. Her personal account became one of the top Twitch channels at the height of Chrissy-mania.

Recent developments have transformed Van Dien’s Twitch presence from a side hustle to a principal focus. She recently explained that a film produced propositioned her on set, and the experience soured her perception of the acting business. “The fact of the matter is the last few projects I’ve worked on I didn’t have the best experiences with some of the people I had to work for,” Van Dien said.


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On Twitch, Van Dien’s experience has been a complete 180. She has become friendly with some of the streaming community’s biggest stars, and she compared the camaraderie she feels to the energy of a TV sitcom. “Ah, god, I love all of my streaming friends so much! When I build a squad for a lobby, it feels like I’m casting my own thing. I know who’s gonna act like what,” Van Dien said. “It does feel like a TV show with different characters. But more like a sitcom. Not a sci-fi thriller. Yeah, it feels like a sitcom. That’s so cool. There’s definitely character development with streaming, and there’s relationship development, friendship development.”

So maybe the Twitch sitcom isn’t quite in development just yet, but Van Dien seems to be excited about the connections she’s made through her streaming career. If you’d like to check out her broadcasts, which range from typical gameplay streams to ‘Just Chatting’ sessions, you can find her under the username BlueFille.

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