StreamElements brings back Creator Diversity Program to deliver $3,000 to creators from underrepresented groups

By 03/15/2023
StreamElements brings back Creator Diversity Program to deliver $3,000 to creators from underrepresented groups

StreamElements is renewing its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The streamer platform has announced that its Creator Diversity Program will return for its third annual iteration.

Streamers who are active on Twitch can apply to the Creator Diversity Program if they identify with an underrepresented group. The Black, POC, female, LGBTQIA+, and disabled creators who are chosen for the program will gain access to a wide-ranging support structure, which includes both financial grants and production resources.

The monetary payouts associated with the Creator Diversity Program have been adjusted for 2023. In previous years, StreamElements earmarked funds for specific uses like graphics and equipment. This time around, each of the 15 program participants will receive $3,000 to deploy as they see fit.


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On a more personal level, StreamElements will use the tools at its disposal to support the careers of its diverse charges. Program participants will be paired with a dedicated StreamElements account manager, and they’ll also get access to an exclusive Discord server. Private group sessions will be offered through StreamerSquare, and StreamElements will feature award recipients on its social channels. Further down the line, early access to sponsored campaigns will be available.

Streamers who have been part of previous classes in the Creator Diversity Program include Twitch broadcasters like ctrlaltquin and Dona Tarte. “In addition to helping upgrade my setup, StreamElements’ program improved my understanding of how to have a broader reach in the games industry and represent myself in online spaces,” Tarte said in a statement. “They also educated me on how to maintain healthy boundaries as a streamer and ways to better protect my mental health which were both a huge benefit.”

To be eligible for the Creator Diversity Program, applicants must possess Partner or Affiliate Status on Twitch and must stream at least twice a week. The program is only open to creators in North America or Europe who are at least 18 years old.

StreamElements will accept applications until March 31. Selected participants will be notified by April 24, and the program will begin a week later.

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