Spotter has spent $740 million on the creator economy. Colin and Samir took a look at that spending.

By 03/09/2023
Spotter has spent $740 million on the creator economy. Colin and Samir took a look at that spending.

Two major players in the creator economy have joined forces. YouTubers, podcast hosts, and newsletter authors Colin Rosenblum and Samir Chaudry (a.k.a. Colin and Samir) linked up with financing business Spotter to host a get-together called the Spotter Summit.

In a LinkedIn post, Chaudry explained how conversations with Spotter execs Aaron DeBevoise and Nic Paul evolved into a live event filled with keynotes, sessions, and workshops. After an extended series of talks, the Spotter Summit was born. Creators who flocked to Napa for the gathering included MrBeastDeestroying, and members of Dude Perfect.

“Spotter has paid $740M to creators through catalog licensing deals with the effort of accelerating the growth of the creator economy,” Chaudry wrote. “But it’s not just acceleration through capital, it’s with knowledge. That was what first drew Colin Rosenblum and I to Spotter.”


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Colin and Samir were able to find some consistent trends within the $740 million Spotter has paid out through its catalog licensing program. In their breakdown of that nine-digit sum, they revealed that 25% of Spotter investments are put directly into new videos. 21% is allocated to studio purchases, while another 13% supports brand-building initiatives and creator products. 9% of Spotter payouts cover hiring costs for video editors.

The collaboration between Spotter and Colin and Samir will continue across the duo’s channels. The creator economy company is sponsoring Colin and Samir’s efforts as they continue to build a passionate community this year.

Meanwhile, Spotter will continue paying videomakers in order to license their old uploads. The LA-based company has claimed that it will spend up to $1 billion on its creator economy dealings. It crossed the $600 million mark last year.

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