After getting 10 billion YouTube views, Ninja Kidz TV inspires a new “Action Park”

By 02/28/2023
After getting 10 billion YouTube views, Ninja Kidz TV inspires a new “Action Park”

Fans of Ninja Kidz TV have a new reason to jump for joy. The team that runs the popular kid-friendly YouTube channel is opening Ninja Kidz Action Park, where attendees will be able to jump, swing, and climb their way across a variety of acrobatic apparatuses.

Ninja Kidz TV is known for producing videos that depict thrilling competitions between athletic children. According to the channel’s About page, the stars of the show are “skilled ninjas, martial artists, gymnasts, and parkour athletes” who perform stunts “under the direction of adult professionals.” Those high-flyers have brought more than 10 billion lifetime views to the primary Ninja Kidz TV YouTube hub, which has appeared in our U.S. Top 50 ranking on several occasions.

The titular Ninja Kidz may be trained professionals, but the channel’s About page also specifies that “no matter your age, you can be a Ninja Kid!” To live up to that proclamation, the Ninja Kidz team is opening the first Ninja Kidz Action Park in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The 36,000-square-foot facility will offer all sorts of acrobatic activities, ranging from trampolines to slides to foam pits to ziplines.


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The Action Park’s opening day will be March 9. In an email to Tubefilter, Ninja Kidz President JD Obbards touted the North Richland Hills location as the first in a chain of Action Parks. The second and third locations are expected to open in New York and Phoenix before the end of the year.

“My dream is that Ninja Kidz becomes the Disney of healthy, active families,” said Ninja Kidz TV Founder Shane Myler  said in a statement. “I want Ninja Kidz Action Parks to be a place where kids, teens, and adults can learn new skills, build strong bodies, and have fun together.”

Ninja Kidz is making some room on its channel for a new generation of skilled youngsters. The first episode of a recent talent search highlighted a crop of Ninja Kidz hopefuls while pulling in more than 24 million views. (That sort of traffic is fairly fairly pedestrian for a channel that has received 750 million views on a single video.

Aspiring stuntpeople in the Dallas area will now have an easy way to show off their aerial maneuvers, but the first Ninja Kidz Action Park will face stiff competition from other entertainment destinations operated by family-friendly YouTubers. Unspeakable star Nathan Graham recently brought “the outdoors indoors” by opening a play space in Grand Prairie, Texas. The same region will soon be home to a $100 million Dude Perfect headquarters that will double as a theme park.

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