MrBeast wants his fans to taste Deez Nutz

By 02/15/2023
MrBeast wants his fans to taste Deez Nutz

With his newest product, MrBeast is catering to consumers who enjoy Deez.

“Deez what?” you might ask.

Deez Nutz.


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That’s the name of a nut bar that is now available through the Feastables shop. MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) founded his snack brand last year and has since expanded it several times. Donaldson’s invocation of a playground play on words is his attempt to market the first Feastables bar to include nuts.

Donaldson introduced Deez Nutz in a video he shared on Twitter. Though the bar made its debut two days after the Super Bowl, Donaldson chose not to run a Big Game ad for Feastables, because he didn’t want to fork over $7 million. He did make a brief appearance in the NFL’s Super Bowl commercial.

Though it didn’t premiere as a TV spot, the Deez Nutz intro is 30 seconds long. Donaldson and his buddies almost made it through the whole promo without breaking, but the final Deez Nutz pun caused the North Carolina-based star to crack up.

With six ingredients in total, the Deez Nutz bar is one of Feastables’ most complex confections to date — though its ingredient list is still simple by industry standards. Each bar features a combo of cane sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate liqueur, milk, vanilla powder, and peanuts. A ten-pack will run you $29.99 on the Feastables website. True fans of Deez Nutz can supplement their orders by adding in some official merch items, such as hats, hoodies, and t-shirts.

You may think that naming a candy bar after a schoolyard taunt is juvenile, but it’s all part of Donaldson’s marketing plan. The success of KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration shows that creator products can have viral breakouts if they appeal to youth culture. Deez Nutz is more than just a funny joke, and as a writer who loves punny headlines, I appreciate Donaldson’s naming choice.

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