TikTok adds new marketing goals in continued appeal to small businesses

By 02/08/2023
TikTok adds new marketing goals in continued appeal to small businesses

As YouTube brings revenue sharing to Shorts, TikTok is making its own push in the field of advertising. The short-form video app has added four new goals to its TikTok Promote service, which helps small businesses run simplified campaigns.

TikTok Promote first launched in 2021 as a means of turning any vertical video into an ad. Initially, Promote users could choose from among three campaign goals, depending on whether they wanted to drive viewership, website visits, or follows.

The four new goals bring increased customization to Promote campaigns. Advertisers can now launch initiatives that bring attention to brand TikTok accounts, encourage messages from customers, target an audience based on location, or boost content uploaded by collaborating creators.


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As with all Promote campaigns, the new goals are designed with ease of use in mind. With a few clicks, small businesses can turn TikTok into their personal agency partner.

Over the past year, courting small businesses has been one of TikTok’s top priorities. The app is positioning itself as a platform with a variety of advertising options. Its variety of attention-seeking formats and its affordable CPMs have made it a top choice for brands. Ahead of the Super Bowl, TikTok will put even more campaign types on display, including its splashy “takeovers.”

TikTok Promote is another part of the app’s multi-faceted approach to marketing. As the new goal types roll out, TikTok is touting the success Promote users have already had. Some small business owners have added thousands of followers and likes by running the DIY campaigns.

In a blog post introducing the new goals, TikTok cited research by Neurons, which found that brand recall increases by 27% when an ad is preceded by an organic TikTok video. In those situations, the ad’s branding also held viewer attention for 12% longer.

“We launched Promote to give our community a seamless way to turn their organic content on TikTok into ads, making it easier than ever to tap into new audiences,” reads the post. “With the new Promote features we’re introducing, small businesses and creators have more tools to target their desired communities and choose exactly how they can interact with their ads.”

More information about Promote is available through the TikTok for Business blog.

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