YouTube DIY duo Vanwives sign with Night (Exclusive)

By 02/02/2023
YouTube DIY duo Vanwives sign with Night (Exclusive)

The Vanwives have tied the knot with Night.

Back in 2019, Canadian couple Crystal Drinkwalter and Jazmyn Canning poured around $25,000 into outfitting a giant van with everything it needed to become a tiny home on wheels. Once it was ready to roll, they packed up their dogs Bella and Izzy and set out to drive from Canada through the U.S. to Argentina.

They were a ways into the U.S. when “someone was like, ‘You need to start capturing what you’re doing. You’re doing some amazing things,'” Drinkwalter and Canning tell Tubefilter. (Sage advice, considering how massive the van living corner of YouTube has become over the past three years.)


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“We bought a camera in Las Vegas, to be honest,” they add. “We started shooting videos and it turned out people ended up liking them, and we liked it, and we got really into the filmmaking aspect and storytelling.”

Drinkwalter and Canning–at that point self-dubbed the “Vanwives”–continued making and uploading videos throughout their journey, and once they’d reached Argentina and turned around to come back home, they realized they didn’t want to stop making content after the drive was over.

So, they pivoted.

“Now we’re living in a cabin instead of traveling,” they explain. “We’re doing DIY renovations that are quite complex and exciting to shoot and see come together. It’s out of our comfort zone for sure, but that’s part of the inspiration behind all this. We’re trying to inspire others to try something new sometimes.”

And now their inspiration is backed by Night, the Austin- and Los Angeles-based talent management company that reps creators like MrBeast, Safiya Nygaard, Ryan Trahan, ZHC, and Unspeakable. They’ve signed with the company for representation in all areas, and will be repped by manager Lili Colwell.

“Night’s really opened our eyes into what we can create,” they say. “Night has given ust he support, connections, and knowledge for us to create new things, an really opened our eyes to this whole world. We’re pretty new on YouTube and didn’t even realize the possibilities that come with it until Night.”

The couple (who just hit 325,000 subscribers) can’t reveal too much about what they and Night have in the works, but say they’re “super excited to expand our lane and continue to do what we’re doing, but bigger—and hopefully gaining a stronger community through it as well.”

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