‘Ashfall’ taps TikToker Michael Le for cosplay countdown series

By 01/30/2023
‘Ashfall’ taps TikToker Michael Le for cosplay countdown series

TikToker Michael Le has been tapped to promote AAA game developer Liithos‘s first title, Ashfall.

Le, aka @justmaiko, is a pro dancer and choreographer who has more than 52 million followers on TikTok and 3 million subscribers on YouTube. He’s been on TikTok since the musical.ly days, and now he’s teaming with Liithos to star in a five-episode series advertising open-world video game Ashfall.

In each episode, Le will cosplay the game’s main character Ash Naranjo in a storyline that’ll focusing on rescuing Le’s own younger brother Jonathan, per The Hollywood Reporter. Instagrammer @slider_jesus will play the series’ main villain.


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The first episode dropped on Le’s TikTok account Jan. 29, and at press time has around 210,000 views.

@justmaiko Ep 1. Everything was normal… until it wasn’t. Time to find out who took my little brother. Join in on the adventure by claiming our free Ashfall Digital Collectible and preview pages of the comic (limited time only, link in bio!) @liithosent #L#Liithos ♬ original sound – Michael Le

The remaining four episodes will debut one per week on Sundays, leading up to the March release of Ashfall‘s accompanying comic book series.

Liithios has also chosen to release NFTs as part of the whole shebang: Following the premiere of each episode, five accompanying NFTs in the style of comic book covers will be released on CoinZoom. The NFTs themselves are free, but CoinZoom charges a processing fee.

The NFT sets are available for one week, and anyone who gets one will have early access to the Ashfall comic series. People who collect NFTs from all five sets will unlock a sixth one.

Ashfall the game is due to release sometime in the third quarter of this year.

“People typically make videos based off of things that [the audience] already know or like,” Le told The Hollywood Reporter. “For me, I love making animated videos, so I do stuff with Naruto characters or things that people already understand. This is kind of using that same concept but creating our own IP, and I think that’s something no one’s ever really done, especially for a game company at the scale of this one. It’s really cool to be able to just be a part of something like this.”

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