Twitch’s “resident expert baker” QTCinderella pits streamers against one another in culinary contest

By 01/09/2023
Twitch’s “resident expert baker” QTCinderella pits streamers against one another in culinary contest

The creator who described herself as a “compulsive event organizer” in 2022 is getting ready for her first major event of 2023. Beginning on January 15, Twitch star QTCinderella will host Master Baker, a five-day cooking competition featuring six popular streamers.

QTCinderella, whose real name is Blaire, is the self-proclaimed “resident expert baker” on Twitch. She often bakes sweet treats on her stream, and she even made a wedding cake to celebrate the union of Twitch streamers Natsumiii and Abe. The contestants on Master Baker, however, will not be so advanced. In fact, despite the show’s title, it will feature streamers who “can’t bake for shit,” according to a Twitter video shared by QTCinderella.

The trailer gives off serious Great British Bake-Off vibes, but the use of quotation marks around the word “baker” reminds viewers that Master Baker is closer to the celebrity version of Bake-Off, where personality is more important than kitchen knowledge. The six contestants on QTCinderella’s show — Stanz, Slime, JHB, Squeex, Caroline, and PointCrow — have all established significant followings on Twitch, even if their baking skills leave much to be desired.

In the first four episodes of Master Baker, the competing streamers will have to bake a specific item from memory just 24 hours after learning the recipe. Just like on Bake-Off, each episode will end with an elimination. Two finalists will go head-to-head on January 19 in hopes of claiming the Master Baker crown.

High-profile competitions are becoming more common on Twitch. Ludwig Ahgren has stoked that trend through his creative studio Offbrand, which opened its doors last year. With QTCinderella displaying her own knack for creator-led shows, she and Ahgren are becoming a party-planning power couple within the streaming community.

During a recent appearance on Anthony Padilla’s I Spent A Day With… podcast, QTCinderella explained just how much event organizing means to her. She said that “bringing people together” is “the only thing that currently gives me purpose.”

During that conversation, QTCinderella admitted that her career as a streamer is fleeting. She said that “it’s only a matter of time” before the mental toll of the craft sends her into retirement. So if you enjoy her content and her perchant for high-stakes events, you’ll want to tune into Master Baker beginning on the 15th.

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