On the Podcast: My oven took this photo

By 01/06/2023
On the Podcast: My oven took this photo
Instructional photo from WikiHow.

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“Yo! That’s a great pic.” “Thanks! My oven took it.”


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This isn’t a conversation any human has had just yet, but it will be a conversation millions of humans will have in the not-so-distant future. I give it two to five years before a lot of us are all commenting on, asking questions about, and looking at MKHBD video reviews for ovens with cameras.

The first one was just announced at CES. It’s Samsung’s Bespoke AI, and it’s set to come out in the U.S. and EU in Q3 2023.

If Instagram photos of well-plated, ready-to-eat dishes are the final product for consumption on our social media food chain (which something like 40% of IG users post), Samsung wants to capitalize on what happens a step or two before that.

You’re a Twitch streamer with a baking show? Fantastic! Here’s a live feed of your bread rising. You’re a gamer who put a frozen pizza in the oven and want chat to keep an eye on it while you’re in this melee? Amazing! Your fans–and the oven, too–can tell you when the crust is browned just enough. You’re a gourmet cooking creator with a fancy for tricky recipes? Nice! Here are a few shots of your soufflé rising. You’re an amateur Instagram chef with a fancy for tricky recipes? Also nice! Here are a few shots of your soufflé collapsing.

I love it. And complicated engineering logistics aside, I’m surprised it took this long to bring ovens with built-in cameras into reality.

Home appliance manufacturers are always trying to figure out ways to make their items more appealing. Smart stovetops with recipe displays and refrigerators with screens were introduced years ago and bring our living spaces closer to looking like a futuristic Jetsons reality, but they don’t do much beyond aesthetics. They’re cool, I guess, but I doubt anybody really uses them.

Maybe the last big innovations were things like load-sensing washers, dampness-sensing dryers, and the wifi-enabled meat thermometers that have been a kitchen staple in smoking homes for years. The latter allow users to get more exact results by enabling notifications and taking the guesswork out of temperature assessment. A camera’s going to do the same thing. You can check your phone at any time to answer the question, “Does this look done?” while giving users some solid social content.

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