Meta paid creators to test a new live streaming platform. Now it’s ending that experiment.

By 12/16/2022
Meta paid creators to test a new live streaming platform. Now it’s ending that experiment.

Meta‘s attempt to build something Super is coming to an end. The tech giant has announced the impending shutdown of a platform that attempted to provide virtual meet-and-greet space for creators.

Though Super only existed for about two years, it had several different identities during its short time on the internet. When Meta tested the platform in 2020, Super was characterized as a potential answer to Cameo, which has worked with celebrities to fulfill millions of shout-out requests. Meta’s answer to that service looked to adjust the formula by having fans pay for face time with their favorite influencers. Cameo launched its own video chat option earlier this year.

In its later iterations, Super looked more like Twitch and other hubs based around their native communities. Meta reportedly paid creators up to $3,000 to try out that version of Super, and it also said that the platform could eventually offer robust monetization features like subscriptions and tip jars.


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Instead, Meta is giving Super the axe. February 15, 2023 will be its final day of operation, and all logins will be disabled at that point. In the meantime, creators can pull content off of Super if they want to keep it, but they cannot schedule new events during the platform’s shutdown period.

“When we started Super in 2020, we had hoped to create a virtual meet and greet experience that came close to what you’d expect from a real-life event like VidCon or Comic-Con,” reads a post on the Super homepage. “What we found we’d created, however, was a much greater opportunity for creators and fans to connect in fun and exciting ways. We saw creators and fans raise funds for good causes, launch a new set of books, test drive new jokes for standup routines, and even play trivia against one another. It was amazing to see the joy and creativity in each new Super event. Sadly, however, the time has come for us to say goodbye.”

Meta didn’t specify exactly why it’s shutting down Super, but the experimental platform has been one of many casualties during a period of belt-tightening in Menlo Park. Other Meta properties that have faded into the sunset this year include the students-only service Campus and the standalone version of the Facebook Gaming app.

In general, Meta has faced strong economic headwinds as it declines from pandemic-era highs. That trend caused the company to lay off about 11,000 employees, who received their pink slips in November.

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