David Dobrik is opening a pizza place called Doughbrik’s on November 12

By 10/25/2022
David Dobrik is opening a pizza place called Doughbrik’s on November 12

Two years after its initial revealDavid Dobrik‘s pizzeria is officially coming to Sunset Blvd. The embattled vlogger is breaking ground on Doughbrik’s, which will open its doors on November 12.

In 2020, word spread of Doughbrik’s after the brand’s namesake filed for a punny trademark. An Instagram account for the pizza parlor was launched around that time, though Doughbirk’s has since migrated to a different social media handle.

A lot has happened in Dobrik’s life since he filed for that trademark. He lost most of his sponsorships after a member of his Vlog Squad was accused of rape, and he is now facing a lawsuit from Jeff Wittek. The one-time Vlog Squad collaborator suffered several injuries to his left eye and face while filming a stunt for Dobrik’s channel.


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Even though he’s not nearly as influential as he once was, Dobrik still reaches a massive audience. His YouTube channel has been dormant for six months, but he’s a big draw on TikTok, where he introduced Doughbrik’s to his 26.3 million followers.

@daviddobrikITS FINALLY DONE! see you November 12th for opening day of Doughbriks Pizza

♬ original sound – &lt3

The man who is spraying Dobrik with bubbly in that video is Ilya Fedorovich, who is joining forces with the vlogger to open Doughbrik’s. According to Dexerto, the pair taste-tested pizzas for months before opening their parlor. Doughbrik’s was initially slated for a summertime opening, but its grand entrance to the West Hollywood food scene was pushed back to November.

“ITS FINALLY DONE!!! I cant put into words with how happy and excited I am!!!!!!” Dobrik wrote on Instagram. “We’ve spent so much time creating the most incredible pizzas and I CANNOT WAIT to see you November 12th for opening day of Doughbriks Pizza.”

During the two-year gap between the registration of Doughbrik’s and its opening, several other YouTube stars have unveiled their own themed restaurants. The most notable of those ventures is MrBeast Burger, which drew a massive crowd during its first day of operation.

Before all his controversies, Dobrik was able to generate plenty of excitement whenever he launched an offline venture. He may have lost some of shine, but pizza is still delicious, so we can expect Doughbrik’s to sling plenty of pies beginning in mid-November.

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