Are horror stories scarier in VR? Step into the ‘Scream Park’ and find out.

By 10/07/2022
Are horror stories scarier in VR? Step into the ‘Scream Park’ and find out.

Meta is premiering a VR project that could make this October the spookiest season yet. The tech giant’s Meta Quest 2 devices will host Scream Park, an immersive series produced by the innovative online video outfit BlackBoxTV.

The eight-episode series stars Grace Van Dien, who recently had a breakout role as the cheerleader Chrissy on the fourth season of the Netflix hit Stranger Things. In Scream Park, Van Dien won’t have to contend with Vecna, but her character Kelly Q will face her own carnival of horrors. She will be trapped after hours in a terrifying theme park and will struggle to survive until morning. Other cast members include Zach Villa, Monique Coleman, and creator Steve Zaragoza.

Scream Park is based on a YouTube video that premiered on the BlackBoxTV YouTube channel a year ago. The 360-degree clip, which featured a roller coaster with a hellish layout, received a positive response from BlackBoxTV’s 1.1 million subscribers. As a result, the channel’s team — led by Scream Park director Tony E. Valenzuela  — was inspired to develop an episodic series inspired by the concept.


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Additional Scream Park videos recently arrived on the BlackBoxTV YouTube channel, but the biggest scares will be saved for the Quest 2 headset. The first four episodes will hit the Meta-owned device on October 8, with the remaining four installments premiering “throughout the fall,” according to TechCrunch. Each episode will be about seven minutes long.

BlackBoxTV has brought several 360-degree videos to the Meta Quest, including its take on the horror film Lights Out. For Valenzuela and his team, the production of VR content is an opportunity to create novel worlds and stories that cannot be recreated in a 2D format. “With Scream Park, we are not looking to replicate reality in VR; we’re creating an experience you can’t find anywhere else,” Valenzuela told TechCrunch.

To experience everything Scream Park has to offer, you’ll need to pick up the appropriate headset first. Meta recently raised the price of the Quest 2 by $100; the device now costs $399.99.

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