Spring has hired a Roblox, YouTube, and Twitter vet to ensure “creator success”

By 09/23/2022
Spring has hired a Roblox, YouTube, and Twitter vet to ensure “creator success”

When the company formerly known as Teespring rebranded last year, it counted about 450,000 creators among its user base. Now, Spring has hired a new exec who will make sure the e-commerce company is meeting the needs of that audience. Rodrigo Velloso, whose career has taken him from YouTube to Twitter to Roblox, has been brought on as Spring’s first-ever VP of Creator Success.

Velloso has had a long career in the digital media economy. His jobs have typically required him to work closely with creators in order to assess and meet their needs.

Those experiences will be central to his role at Spring. “As VP of Creator Success, my primary role is to ensure that Spring creators accomplish their evolving fan community development objectives using the Spring platform,” Velloso told Spring CEO Chris Lamontagne in an introductory post. “Creators today want to engage, retain, grow, activate, monetize, delight and authentically connect with their communities. The physical and digital products, services, and content they provide are all key elements of those relationships. Creators want increasingly sophisticated capabilities to address those opportunities in ways that are innovative, differentiated, integrated, fan-friendly, and sustainable.”


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Another role Velloso mentioned in his introduction is his duty to “keep Spring’s finger on the pulse of creator needs and requirements and work with mine and other teams at the company to make sure that we are responding to creators to the best of our ability and staying ahead of their needs.” That’s a particularly important job, since Spring is constantly expanding its list of services. The company first gained renown by helping individuals set up their own merch shops, but it now covers many areas of the creator economy, ranging from NFTs to links-in-bio. That’s one reason its name lost the “Tee” — Spring is now much more than a place to buy shirts.

By keeping close tabs on creator communities he knows well, Velloso will point Spring in the right direction as it continues to expand. According to a press release from the company, Velloso will also assist creators so they can “successfully engage, grow, activate, monetize and authentically connect with their communities by using the platform.”

Velloso is not the first Big Tech alum Spring has hired this year. In April, former Meta exec Annelies Jansen joined the company as its President and Chief Operating Officer.

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