CoComelon’s 62-city tour of the U.S. kicks off on September 16

By 09/12/2022
CoComelon’s 62-city tour of the U.S. kicks off on September 16

The most popular YouTube channel in the United States is embarking on a massive tour of its home country. This fall, CoComelon will travel to 62 cities across the U.S. to put on CoComelon Live! JJ’s Journey, a show that features the cartoonish characters from the brand’s kid-friendly content empire.

The fun begins in Baltimore, Maryland on September 16. The initial tour announcement included 20 dates, mostly on the East Coast and in Texas. 12 more west-of-the-Mississippi stops were added last month, and Cocomelon’s latest tour update is its biggest yet. Starting on November 7, the team behind JJ’s Journey will put on 30 shows in 45 days, mostly in the Midwest. The 62-city extravaganza will finally wrap up five days before Christmas, with a December 20 performance in Grand Rapids, Michigan serving as the final show on the docket.

Moonbug Entertainment, the U.K.-based media company that acquired CoComelon in 2020, is taking its flagship channel on the road as part of a growing emphasis on live programming. Earlier this year, Moonbug hired Susan Vargo as its first-ever Head of Live Events.


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For this particular tour, Moonbug (which is itself owned by Candle Media) is getting some help from a seasoned production team. EMC Presents, led by former Live Nation Chairman Michael Cohl, announced a deal with Moonbug last year. Now it’s bringing CoComelon characters, including the titular blond-tufted toddler JJ, to stages across America.

The CoComelon tour is presented in association with Premier Productions and S2BN Entertainment. “If you know kids who are obsessed with CoComelon and parents or family members who catch themselves singing along, this show is the perfect combination of a high-quality production for adults and consistent audience engagement to keep the kids entertained,” said producer Glenn Orsher.

The CoComelon-obsessed kids Orsher speaks of number in the millions. The nursery rhyme brand’s YouTube channel, which regularly tops our U.S. Top 50 charts, has attracted more than 142 million subscribers and picked up more than 138.4 billion lifetime views. CoComelon is also a huge hit on Netflix, where its colorful videos have broken records time and time again.

One big reason for CoComelon’s success is the accessibility of its content. The brand’s animations and jingles can be watched for free across multiple platforms, and tickets to the upcoming live shows will be quite affordable as well. For most of the upcoming locations, prices start in the $30 range. If you have a young child who would love to see a live-version version of JJ dance his away across the stage, then you can head over to CoComelon Live‘s official website to see what seats are still available in your area.

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