‘Cult of the Lamb’ gets viewers into the game with Twitch integration

By 08/19/2022
‘Cult of the Lamb’ gets viewers into the game with Twitch integration

Platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming have ushered in a new era of entertainment by finding a balance between gameplay and interactivity. As streaming ascends, developers, programmers, and platforms are finding new ways to connect viewers with the games they love to watch.

A great example of this trend is Cult of the LambThe roguelike game, developed by Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital, arrived on seven different consoles on August 11. From a content creation standpoint, the most interesting thing about Cult of the Lamb is its unique set of Twitch integrations. By installing a PC extension (not today, Mac users), Cult of the Lamb players can give some in-game power to their streaming audiences.

This sort of integration is not totally new. Twitch Plays Pokemon launched an internet phenomenon in 2014 by letting Twitch viewers control a chaotic Pokemon Red run. )Side note: That was really eight years ago? I’m old.) In the wake of Twitch Plays Pokemon, developers started designing games with Twitch in mind. The 2015 release Choice Chamber resolved in-game decisions based on the whims of Twitch chat.


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Fast forward to 2022, and Twitch integrations have become much more sophisticated. Streamers who choose to enable Cult of the Lamb‘s special features will be able to open in-game loot boxes if enough of their fans contribute Channel Points. Those viewers will also be able to impact in-game dialogues and decision trees, like in Choice Chamber. Finally, a “Viewer Follower” perk allows a selection of fans to create in-game characters.

These integrations were created by Streaming Toolsmith, a developer who makes games more interactive. Other titles made Twitch-friendly by the Toolsmith include League of Legends and Disco Elysium. “To provide viewers with the engaging interactivity they crave, I create software solutions that bridge the gap between the streamer playing your game and their audience,” reads the Streaming Toolsmith website. “These direct, intimate interactions will create a lasting impression on your game’s viewers, and will entice new players into wanting to try your game themselves.”

If you want to get a first-hand look at what Cult of the Lamb‘s integrations look like, keep an eye on its Twitch directory. If you’d prefer a quick taste of the features, the Devolver Digital Twitter account has you covered.

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