Want more data about your listening habits? Try YouTube Music’s seasonal recaps.

By 06/15/2022
Want more data about your listening habits? Try YouTube Music’s seasonal recaps.

As we learned when everyone and their mother posted their Spotify Wrapped last year, music fans love drawing data-driven insights from their listening habits. Now, YouTube is serving those statheads with seasonal recaps — personalized reports that will be delivered to the YouTube Music app four times a year.

YouTube Music first offered its take on Spotify Wrapped last December, when it helped its users discover the songs they listened to the most times over a 12-month span. In addition to those statistics, YouTube’s 2021 recaps also included playlists from some of the top users on the YouTube Music app.

Sharing your top songs at the end of the year is always great fun, but YouTube Music doesn’t want to wait until December 2022 to reignite that trend. Instead, the platform has provided its listeners with a Spring Recap, which catalogs each user’s favorite tracks from the past three months. (I don’t have enough YouTube Music data to share a Spring Recap of my own, but if I did, it would undoubtedly be filled with Eurovision songs.)


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In order to turn seasonal recaps into a social media phenomenon, YouTube is making them easily shareable. “Similar to the 2021 Recap, you’ll find your personalized content in the Spring Recap landing page on the YouTube Music app along with your personalized Spring Recap playlist,” reads an introductory blog post. “Want to tell your friends about your favorite songs of the Spring? Easily share your Spring Recap playlist and stats by simply tapping the arrow at the bottom of your stats card.”

Spotify, YouTube’s primary competitor in the audio streaming business, has not yet broken down Wrapped into periodic updates. I found a forum post asking Spotify to institute seasonal recaps, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears for now.

YouTube Music will extend its seasonal recaps throughout the year, so start listening now if you want to know what your personal song of the summer will be. If you don’t want ads to be part of the quarterly playlists YouTube will generate for you, you can snag a YouTube Music Premium subscription for $9.99 per month.

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