Brian Jung made $3.7 million last year from his crypto-focused YouTube channel

By 05/27/2022
Brian Jung made $3.7 million last year from his crypto-focused YouTube channel

In the current-day creator economy, videomakers wear two hats as both enthusiasts and small business owners. No one exemplifies that dichotomy better than Brian Jung.

Jung, a 24-year-old YouTube star, is one of the most prominent crypto influencers on Google’s video platform. In a recent interview with CNBC, Jung counted up his various revenue streams to reveal how much he pulls in. Last year, he made a whopping $3.7 million, though he reinvests a significant portion of that money in his crypto assets.

To reach that gaudy income figure, Jung relies on multiple moneymaking ventures. He has a significant affiliate marketing business, runs ads on his videos, and solicits sponsorships from brands like FTX. On Patreon, he offers numerous perks for his backers, including access to an exclusive Discord server and notifications about his buying and selling habits.


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Then there are his personal investments, some of which make up a significant chunk of his monthly earnings. Jung told CNBC that he spends $50,000 per month on investments, which makes his total operating budget much higher than that of a typical YouTuber. But a bigger budget brings bigger returns, and one of Jung’s ventures — a stake in a Japanese restaurant — earns him $5,500 per month. That income, when combined with the $300,000 per month he makes from his videos, adds up to the nine-digit yearly sum he takes in.

Jung is a creator in the MrBeast mold. His channel is a jumping-off point for his entrepreneurial endeavors, and his investments help him fund future content, thus continuing the lucrative cycle. For Maryland-based Jung, YouTube is not just a creative platform, but also an important asset for a small business manager. “”n the beginning, YouTube did not pay me anything. But I realized the downfalls of [the e-commerce] businesses and saw the advantages of YouTube,” Jung told CNBC. “I didn’t have to rely on clients. I didn’t have to work with other people. I didn’t have to scale and buy an office and get hundreds of employees.”

The mercurial nature of cryptocurrencies raises questions about whether Jung can continue to spend at such a breakneck pace while still supporting his channel. To the contrary, the rise and fall of Web3 assets enhances his status as a crypto expert. He uses his knowledge to help his subscribers make smart investment decisions, even during the so-called “crypto winter.” A recent video of his is titled “Everyone Will Get Wiped Out” and includes advice about how to avoid that outcome.

Jung is not the only enthusiast who is sharing a roadmap for navigating the crypto winter. Even if blockchain-based assets take a long time to rebound to their previous values, I’d back Jung to find value in the volatile economy.

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