TikTok launches a Library stocked with clips from GIPHY

By 03/29/2022
TikTok launches a Library stocked with clips from GIPHY

The TikTok Library is now open, but if you head in there, don’t expect too much peace and quiet.

In this case, “Library” refers to a collection of media clips, which TikTok users can employ in their own videos. In order to keep its virtual shelves well-stocked, the app will make deals with digital media companies. The first such pact is with GIPHY, which will bring its arsenal of Clips (a.k.a. gifs with sound) to TikTok’s new collection.

To access these creation tools, TikTok users can tap a Library icon that is now available on the camera screen. From there, it’s possible to search for specific Clips or incorporate the ones that are trending among the TikTok community. GIPHY shared a video showing how these TV show and movie snippets can be used; they can be punchlines, reactions, commentary, and much more.


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In a blog post, GIPHY referred to the TikTok Library partnership as “our first major integration with a video platform.” GIPHY and TikTok previously partnered on several features, including stickers and green screen gifs that can serve as the backdrop for a video.

Ultimately, TikTok Library will grow to include much more than GIPHY Clips. The destination is designed to make it easier for TikTok users to participate in trends and memes by giving them easy access to a central database of cultural artifacts. The Library search bar, meanwhile, will be a boon for individual fandoms, which will be able to relate to their favorite franchises in more sophisticated ways. The GIPHY Clips collection includes content from HBO and ABC programs, among others.

So what else will be added to the Library in the future? TikTok answered that question in a blog post. The plan is to “include additional content sources, audio and sounds, text templates, creator content, and more.” So the best guess is that TikTok has a lot more partnerships coming through its pipeline, but we’ll have to wait for those announcements to know for sure.

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