Guy Oseary Signs ‘World Of Women’ NFT Project

By 01/12/2022
Guy Oseary Signs ‘World Of Women’ NFT Project

Madonna and U2 rep Guy Oseary has signed a second NFT collection.

The veteran talent manager now represents World of Women, a 10,000-piece NFT project created by artist Yam Karkai (pictured above). World of Women pieces began selling on OpenSea in July 2021, and according to Variety have generated $150 million in trading volume to date.

Like the vast majority of NFT collections, World of Women pieces are computer-generated busts assembled from a premade—in this case, predrawn by Karkai—set of assets. The collection’s description says World of Women is a “community celebrating representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all,” with NFTs that are “artworks of diverse and powerful women.”


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Once someone buys a World of Women NFT, they own 100% of IP rights to it, meaning they can license it out for whatever they want. Oseary hopes to work with World of Women owners to license their pieces for film, television, music, gaming, and consumer products.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, which Oseary signed along with its creators Yuga Labs in October 2021, also gives NFT owners 100% control of rights, and has already seen owners of pieces like Jenkins the Valet sign entertainment deals.

“I could not be more excited to start 2022 with this new chapter,” Karkai told Variety. “The World of Women team is thrilled to be working with Guy Oseary—his expertise is truly generational, and we cannot imagine a better partner to help maximize the project’s potential and achieve our goals.”

Karkai added, “Everything we do begins and ends with our wonderfully supportive community and we’re so excited to bring the WoW collective to another level with Guy’s help, starting with the fully decentralized licensing rights.”

In his own statement, Oseary said, “Even though NFT’s have become a multi-billion dollar business in 2021 for the artist community, females were a mere five percent of that. Yam and the World of Women team are leading the way to change that narrative.

“They built a community that is authentic, diverse, and one-of-a-kind,” Oseary added. “All of which directly translates through the magnificent artwork. Their core values of educating and empowering females in the art, technology, and NFT spaces are incredibly inspirational, and I’m looking forward to doing anything I can to further their message, influence, and reach.”

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