Creators On The Rise: Dr. Ryan’s Prescription? “Subscribe For A Face Mask.”

By 12/22/2021
Creators On The Rise: Dr. Ryan’s Prescription? “Subscribe For A Face Mask.”

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Take a look at Ryan Woodmansee‘s YouTube channel or TikTok account, and one thing is immediately apparent: This man loves face masks.

And also? He can make them from (almost) anything.


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Woodmansee became a skincare-focused content creator in 2020, but his dermatology journey began long before that. He’d always been interested in getting into the medical field, and when it was time for college, he took that interest and parlayed it into earning a bachelor’s in nursing from the University of Central Florida, then further into a doctorate of nursing from the University of Florida. After graduating, he became a full-time dermatology nurse practitioner.

Like many other creators, Woodmansee got into TikTok during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when interest in digital content spiked sharply and TikTok really began to grow its U.S. user base. He bounced around between skincare-related topics for a while, starting with educational videos and moving into entertainment.

Then, he found face masks.

@skincareryancomment what’s next 🔥 ##facemask ##takis ##takisfuego♬ Smokin Out The Window – Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic

To be clear, we aren’t talking about the kind of pasty nighttime face masks women wore in ’80s and ’90s sitcoms. We’re talking about sheet masks: pieces of cloth or gel soaked in and/or made of skincare ingredients. The goal is to be able to put them on, chill for half an hour, then strip them off without the Mrs. Doubtfire mess. Sheet masks been around for years, but thanks to the Stateside rise of K-beauty products that kicked off in 2017, they’re now more popular than ever.

Woodmansee’s content combines sheet masks with TikTok’s propensity for DIY by bringing in a tabletop mask-making machine. F

or a detailed look at how it works, Safiya Nygaard tried one from the ground up, but the basics are: Grind up the fruit/veggies/sometimes questionable ingredients of your choice, add water, add one of the solidifying tabs that comes with the machine, turn it on, and wait.

We say “sometimes questionable” ingredients because while Woodmansee occasionally makes masks out of typical ingredients like blackberries, you’re far more likely to find him making them out of Halloween candy, novelty Spider-Man ice creams, bubble gum, dalgona, and Takis.

Woodmansee’s channel surged from a few million views a month to more than 130 million per month. Monthly view and subscriber data from Gospel Stats.

These unusual ingredients–plus his habit of hitting on trends like Squid Game and the new Scream movie–have helped drive Woodmansee’s TikTok account to more than one million followers, and his YouTube channel from a few milion views per month to more than 130 million, and from 10,000 subscribers to nearly 700,000.

Check out our chat with him below.

Tubefilter: Tell us a little about you! Where did you grow up? How did you decide to become a dermatology nurse practitioner?

Ryan Woodmansee: Hi! My name is Ryan Woodmansee. I grew up in South Florida but currently reside in Central Florida with my wife and cat! I am a dermatology nurse practitioner that specializes in treating medical conditions of the skin, hair, and nails. As a dermatology nurse practitioner, I diagnose, prescribe medication, perform procedures, and come up with treatment plans for my patients. I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Degree from the University of Central Florida and my Doctorate of Nursing Practice Degree from the University of Florida. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and one of the most complicated. I have always been interested in skincare and dermatological conditions, so dermatology was the perfect medical specialty for me!

Tubefilter: When and why did you decide to start making digital content? Did you get your start on TikTok or YouTube, or somewhere else?

RW: I started posting content on TikTok mid 2020 as a hobby. Once I started, I found a true passion in creating content, so I decided to post on YouTube Shorts as well!

Tubefilter: On YouTube, your content is now very consistent—you’re all about the face masks. How did you settle on this topic? Did you plan for it, or was it something you kind of stumbled into?

RW: My content has bounced around a little. l started with educational content and transitioned more into entertainment and engaging content. However, my content has always been related to skincare. It started with one face mask video, which led to another and another. My followers kept requesting me to make more face masks, so I’ve kept it going!

Tubefilter: Your YouTube channel has recently seen a big boost in number of views and subscribers. Do you know if there was one specific video that took off, or did numbers go up across a bunch of videos simultaneously?

RW: A bunch of videos simultaneously! It’s been interesting to see which videos do really well!

Tubefilter: Do you think you would have uploaded content to YouTube without YouTube Shorts? Or was Shorts your main reason for choosing to start making content on YouTube? What role has Shorts played in the growth of your channel?

RW: Yes, I would still make videos without Shorts. But at this time, while working as a dermatology nurse practitioner, making long-form content is way too time-consuming. Shorts are more convenient with my schedule at the moment, and they have played a big role in my growth on YouTube.

Tubefilter: As you mentioned, you have a full-time career outside of content. What’s the work/life/content balance like for you? Walk us through the average day!

RW: Busy! I actually just cut back on my hours and transitioned to more part-time so I can focus a little more on content. But before that, I was working full days Monday through Friday, and every day after work I would film one video. On the weekends, I would batch film content to stay consistent! I try to take at least one day off a week from working to spend time with family and do other fun things!

Tubefilter: A bit related to #6, but how long does it take for you to make a video, from conception to upload?

RW: About three hours.

Tubefilter: Has your recent engagement spike on YouTube changed anything for you? Do you have any new plans or goals for your channel? Do you plan to continue making content?

RW: Yes, absolutely. I’ve been extremely fortunate with the growth I’ve obtained, and I realized that content creation could be a legit business and job! That’s when I decided to decrease my hours treating patients and put more time into content.

Tubefilter: Do you have anyone else working behind the scenes with you, like an editor?

RW: I have one editor on my team. Working full/part-time and uploading at least one video daily would be unobtainable without an editor for my type of videos.

Tubefilter: What’s your favorite thing about making content so far?

RW: The engagement and constant support from my followers! I love interacting with people from all over the world!

Tubefilter: What’s next in the immediate future for you and your channel? Where do you see yourself in five years?

RW: Right now, I’m just focusing on the present and making better content. In five years, I want to push the boundaries and make the most engaging and creative skincare content on the internet, hopefully!

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