Airrack Hosts Star-Studded Ping Pong Tournament, Auctions Creators’ Paddles As NFTs

By 11/16/2021
Airrack Hosts Star-Studded Ping Pong Tournament, Auctions Creators’ Paddles As NFTs

Eric Decker, the scrappy and Streamy-nominated creator known to his 2.6 million subscribers as Airrack, is following in the footsteps of MrBeast with a new, lo-fi competition event featuring participation from some of YouTube‘s top creators.

Decker’s Current-sponsored ping pong tournament, dubbed XTreme Pong, was held on Saturday, with a total of 12 competitors that boasted a collective 125 million subscribers. They were: Faze Rug, ZHC, Tanner Fox, Aaron’s Animals, Brent Rivera, Ryan Trahan, Zach King, Bryce Hall, Charly Jordan, Pierson Wodzynski, Alex Warren, and Anas.

In the end, the illusionist Zach King walked home with the grand prize, to the tune of $120,000. You can check out a replay below.


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The live event, produced by creative marketing company Kollyde, also comprised a crypto component, with Decker minting various NFTs during the tournament — all of which will endow holders with a role in deciding the future his Xtreme-branded events.

Decker worked on his first NFT drop with development partner MADworld, which comprised a total of 50 tokens in various tiers. At the top tier, each participant in Xtreme Pong is auctioning off the paddle that they used during the competition, per Cointeleraph. Each paddle will feature a chip that certifies its uniqueness, and is tied to an accompanying digital token. That auction is currently running through Nov. 22 on OpenSea.

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